Teaching – Choregraphing


My technique modern class is based on Humphrey-Limon Principles, which emphasize the natural rhythm of fall and recovery and the use of breath and weight.  The principles of the Technique are discovered throught upper body  movements, swings of arms and legs, drops and sospensions, energy and resistance which help dancers to provide an organic approach to movement.

Focus is pointed on different movement dynamics, on rhythm and musicality and use of space, in line with the great expansivity of Limon’s works.

The natural rhythm of breath and the use of weight encourages less muscolar tension; putting their attention on dynamic, dancers feel released in their movement, allowing themselves to be human in their dance.

Human anatomy is very respected in the work; I believe that dancers don’t need to faith with their own bodyes trying to reach some aesthetic perfection, but find a way to work in basic principles of movement and dynamic, which bring freedom to their spirits and keep their bodyes healthy.

Movements, forms and shapes from Limon’s Repertory could be also part of the class, as an inspiring experience for young dancers.

Giorgia Maddamma

Produzione TRACCE di Koreoproject presso l’Istituto Penitenziario di Lecce.
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