Rien de Rien



CHOREOGRAPHY  Lucas Hoving (1986)

DANCE Giorgia Maddamma

MUSIC Betty Walberg

CHOREOGRAPHIC RIGHTS Lucas Hoving Foundation

PRODUCTION Koreoproject

« Piaf » designed by choreographer Lucas Hoving in 1986 for the American performer Alice Condodina was transmitted to Giorgia Maddamma so that this choreographic tribute to the great artist can continue to live.

“La Môme Piaf, the so called Sparrow of Paris, the small and simple realistic singer who was close to the people and able to tell stories of love and life with her hoarse and deep voice made crowds all over the world thrill. A diva of the people, full of colors, shades and contrasts, a tormented existence conveyed into songs performed with an extraordinary emotional power.

Koreoproject Productions [2010]

CHOREOGRAPHY   Lucas Hoving “Piaf” 

DANCER Giorgia Maddamma

VOICE Daniela Piccari

(duration 60 min.)